A lot of people kick up a huge fuss about folks who get plastic surgery, making a stink that anyone who would do that must be a few stitches short of a full lift — but I couldn’t disagree more. For example, I wholeheartedly agree with Dolly Parton whose unapologetic philosophy on cosmetic surgery is “If it makes you happy then do it.” Yup, I’m on team Dolly. And in 2015, thanks to non-invasive procedures, it’s never been easier to get things tightened up. Earlier this morning the TODAY show profiled the most state-of-the-art trends in non-invasive cosmetic surgeries, and you can watch the report below. They also performed one of these techniques live on the air — a procedure known as the “Liquid Nose Job” which you can watch as well. And to read The New York Times‘ recent profile of these newest trends, entitled “Noninvasive Cosmetic Surgery Can Deliver Confidence, At A Cost” visit NYTimes.com. (Photo via Dr. Scott Mosser)

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