Meet The Handsome Peacock Spider: The Prettiest & The Best Dancing Spider In The Whole Wide World

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If there’s a Ryan Gosling of the spider world it’s most definitely the Peacock Spider (maratus volans). Native to Australia, the peacock spider was first discovered in the 1800s, and different varieties of the species continue to be found to this day. The most recent of which to be added to the list are the Sparklemuffin and the Skeletorus. Biologist Jürgen Otto is helping expand our understanding of this tiny spider species thanks to his extraordinary macro-photography skills and his video analysis of the male spiders’ mating ritual which consists of: 1) flapping its colorful tail fan (similar to a peacock’s), 2) raising a leg or two, and 3) waving his leg(s) about in a very Goslingesque “Hey girl” manner. You can see some of Ottos’ photos and videos below. To see more visit his Flickr page and his YouTube channel Peacock Spiderman. (Photos courtesy of Jürgen Otto)

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