Watch One Of MIT’s Tiny Gold Origami Robots Fold, Walk, Swim, Then Dissolve Itself

by • June 15, 2015 • Robotics, ScienceComments (0)2251

Shuhei Miyashita and his research colleagues at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are the wizards behind this ingenious little origami-style robot. Coming in at a tiny 1.7-centimetre length, the robot is made of plastic and contains a programmable magnet which can be maneuvered by an external magnetic field. long origami robot made of plastic and containing a magnet can be “programmed” by an external magnetic field. More precisely, the plastic itself is polyvinyl chloride which allows the robot to fold itself into its shape at a temperature of 65C, and dissolves in either water or chloride leaving only the magnet behind.


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