Neuroscientists Found A Disturbing Signature In The Brain When It Sees An Expensive Wine’s Pricetag

by • May 14, 2015 • NeuroscienceComments (0)1917

We all love to find a great bottle of wine at a discount price, but new research indicates that something disturbing happens inside most human brains when we taste wine that we know comes from an expensive bottle. Neuroscientists at INSEAD at the University of Bonn discovered that the human brain elicits a pleasure response when test subjects are told they are drinking from a bottle that has a significantly higher price. “Expectations truly influence neurobiological responses,” write the authors. TIME magazine adds: “Specifically, people with more volume in areas of the brain controlling sensory awareness are less susceptible to marketing placebo effects. (That’s logical: They’re more likely to sense, on their own, if a wine tastes cheap.)” You can read the full story at For more great stories about the human brain be sure to visit The Human Brain on FEELguide. And if you’re a true lover of fine wine you need to watch the documentary below entitled Pinot Noir: The Holy Grail Of Wine. I’ve always been a white wine drinker, but after watching this I instantly bought myself a bottle of Pinot Noir from California’s Clouds Rest Winery.


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