This Is The Brilliant True Story Behind Those Mysterious Cloned Websites You’ve Been Seeing Lately

by • April 28, 2015 • Random News, TechnologyComments (0)1925

If you’ve seen any WTF news headlines recently from The New York Times, the BBC, or other high profile news agencies, there’s a good chance it can be traced to the deliciously crafty team at Brooklyn-based creative studio 4Real. This is the gang who have built the ingenious website cloning resource known as Clone Zone. Feel like editing the front page of The New York Times to include a cover story entitled “Obama In Talks With Alien Visitors”? Easy breezy, lemon squeezy. Just head over to Clone Zone and you can crank it out in seconds — on a cloned copy of The Times, no less! FADER sat down with the creators for an interview about what motivated them to pull off the amazing feat, and you can read it in full at Now, prepare yourself for hours of fun by diving head first into

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