What do you do when your mathematics and engineering professor is a gorgeous, 6-foot hunk of sex-on-a-stick? Well, you dig a little deeper and do some investigating of course. That’s exactly what University College London student Arief Azlion and his classmates did when their intrigue for their buff dreamboat prof got the best of them. They soon discovered that their hot teacher is secretly a top male supermodel on the side. His name is Pietro Boselli, and he is most definitely more brains than brawn — at 24 he’s already got his Ph.D. in engineering, and worked his way up from teaching assistant to mathematics professor at UCL. Oh, and according to his Instagram account he’s “addicted to training.” You can check out Pietro’s his Linkedin account, see more of his fappable pics at his model agency MODELS 1 (including a steamy shower shot), and follow him on Instagram.

University College London is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world and ranks highly in league tables; it is 20th in the world (and 4th in Europe) in the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, joint 5th in the world (and joint 3rd in Europe) in the 2014 QS World University Rankings and 22nd in the world (and 5th in Europe) in the 2014/15 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. For the period 1999 to 2009 it was the 13th most-cited university in the world (and most-cited in Europe).

There are 32 Nobel Prize winners and three Fields Medalists amongst UCL’s alumni and current and former staff. UCL long list of famous alumni include one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, and all five of the naturally-occurring noble gases were discovered at UCL by William Ramsay.

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