Secret Suffering: Girls With ADHD Are Going Undiagnosed Because The Symptoms Are Opposite Of Boys

by • December 13, 2014 • Health, PsychologyComments (0)4481

No one is more fiercely opposed to the pharmaceutical industry’s profit-driven, rampant, over-drugging of the population than me, so when I discovered this next story about ADHD I was very hesitant to write about it because the reporter doesn’t seem to question the necessity of these drugs.  But what makes the information in this report so important is that it details a mental disorder that is going undiagnosed.  Experts have discovered that symptoms of ADHD in young girls is almost exactly the opposite of symptoms in young boys.  While boys will exhibit hyperactivity and uncontrolled behavior, young girls with ADHD tend to suffer in silence — turning inwards and masking the devastating suffering that’s happening inside.  Do I think these kids need to be on medication?  Absolutely not.  I think there are much healthier ways to treat this type of disorder.  Do I think we need to pay closer attention to young girls who might be suffering from ADHD in silence.  Definitely, and I hope you help spread the word too. (Photo via Flickr).



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