Billionaire With Balls: “60 Minutes” Profiles The Tony Stark Of Cancer Who Is Close To A Cure

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The search for a cure for cancer is the holy grail of medical research, and it has outwitted researchers and doctors for ages.  But we have learned more about cancer in the past 5 years than ever before.  We have never been closer to unlocking the mysterious mechanisms of cancer than we are right now, and one man who is at the forefront of this research is Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.  The wealthiest man in Los Angeles, Dr. Soon-Shiong built his $12 billion fortune as an entrepreneur, but spent years before this as a respected surgeon.  Now he’s dedicated the rest of his life to curing cancer, but he’s not going about it by any standard means.  As a matter of fact, he’s rebelling against every single conventional form of research out there.  60 Minutes caught up with the Tony Stark of the cancer world, who is making enormous strides in his research.  To learn more about how supercomputers are the #1 tool in finding the cure for cancer you can read my feature profile of data scientist Jeffrey Hammerbacher which I wrote for a recent issue of BELLO magazine.  You can read the article in full at BELLO.

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