Celebrating its 75th Anniversary on New York’s Fifth Avenue, legacy jewelry salon VERDURA is currently presenting The Power of Style: VERDURA at 75, a retrospective exhibition featuring over 150 jewels created by the master jeweler Duke Fulco di Verdura. The exhibition was curated by three internationally admired style-makers: Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, longtime friends of Verdura, and their daughter Patricia Lansing. The Power of Style: VERDURA at 75 is the most important retrospective exhibition in the history of the company and will be open to the public until December 23, 2014 at 745 Fifth Avenue, in a new gallery space adjacent to the company’s flagship. The exhibition features a selection of more than 150 of Duke Fulco di Verdura’s original jewels and objets d’art as well as a small selection of his 10,000 gouache jewelry designs, archival materials, his personal miniature paintings, and rare period photographs.  CBS Sunday Morning‘s Norah O’Donnell sat down with VERDURA’s CEO and Chairman, Ward Landrigan, for a feature profile of the company which you can watch above.  But it’s Norah’s interview with the hotness that is Ward’s son and Verdura President, Nico Landrigan, that has me drooling all over my computer this morning.  Hubba hubba!  Ohhh, that face — and that VOICE!  Be still my heart.  Nico, you are definitely a worthy addition to my growing list of Future Husbands.

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