This Google “Misery Index” Chart Has Discovered The Happiest & The Most Miserable Days Of The Year

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We all know by now that Google tracks everything we click on, as well as everything we search.  And with this data they seem to know more about each of us than we know about ourselves.  Now Google is announcing a brand new predictive analytics app which successfully predicts with a 99% success rate exactly how each day of the rest of our lives will play out.  Users now know exactly when their next child will be born, what sex the child will be, exactly what day we will lose our job, get our new job, get divorced, and kick the bucket.  Just kidding — there’s no app like that (yet).  But what Google has managed to do is crunch the world’s search data to build a very accurate chart which measures with a high degree of accuracy which days of the year we are most anxious, happy, depressed, and content.  Looks like Christmas, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day are the happiest days of the year (Christmas at #1), and for some reason April 23rd is pure hell.  The peaks and valleys in the raw data line account for the rhythm of the work week.  You can learn more about what they discovered by visiting  And to learn why the first Monday of the final full week of January is considered by non-Google experts to be the most depressing day of the year (i.e. known as “Blue Monday”) CLICK HERE.  For another fascinating story on predictive analytics be sure to read this: “The D12 Love Peak”: Facebook Data Scientists Know Exactly When You Are About To Fall Madly In Love.

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