Eyal Gever is a sculptor with a passion for turning the most extreme and ephemeral moments into physical objects.  Take his sculpture “Piece Of Ocean” (2014), for instance.  Gever captured a high res scan of small part of the ocean’s surface then used a 3D printer to convert the data into an exact 39″ x 31″ sculpture.  With one glance at “Piece Of Ocean” the viewer understands everything there is to know about the beauty and possibility of this technology.  Gever has also captured scans of exploding balloons, waterfalls about to hit the ground, and much more.  In an interview with The Creators Project, Gever says: “I’ve created my own kind of high speed digital camera.  3D printing is a vital part of my palette.  No human could ever sculpt a waterfall — it’s too intricate.”  Although still in its infancy, 3D-printing technology is evolving at an extraordinary pace.  Just last week the crew of the International Space Station 3D-printed their very first replacement part for the vessel.  For more amazing stories from the world of 3D-printing be sure to visit 3D-Printing on FEELguide.  Oh, and if you love Eval Gever’s sculptures then you will absolutely flip over THESE TOO.  For more from Eyal Gever be sure to visit EyalGever.com.



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