Homemade Trailer For Robot Thriller Demonstrates Revolutionary Breakthrough In CGI

by • October 1, 2014 • Movies, Robotics, TechnologyComments (0)2697

The work of filmmaker Kevin Margo is a game-changer in every sense of the term.  Visual effects supervisor by day, Kevin works on big budget films and videogames for his professional life, and in his down time he works on his own passion projects — the difference being, at home he has 100% technical and creative control.  His mastery and ingenuity in the field of CGI is demonstrated to astonishing effect in the trailer for his own film entitled CONSTRUCT which you can watch above.  So why does Kevin’s trailer have the entire visual effects industry around the world praising his name?  It’s because Kevin has developed software which bypasses the painstaking and time-consuming process known as “ray tracing” which adds countless hours of VFX labor time to a film’s post-production schedule.  Kevin’s software brilliantly captures this ray tracing information in real-time, thereby drastically reducing the ridiculously heavy work load needed to craft state-of-the-art visual effects sequences.  His technique is poised to completely revolutionize the art of visual effects for independent filmmakers and studios around the world.  You can learn much more about Kevin’s breakthrough by visiting The Creators Project.  And once you’ve finished reading that, be sure to visit Kevin’s website for his film CONSTRUCT at CONSTRUCTfilm.com, follow him on Twitter, and visit KevinMargo.com.

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