Check Out The Stunning “Casa Redux” Home In Sao Paolo By Studio MK27 Architects

by • July 28, 2014 • Architecture, DesignComments (0)8655

Studio MK27 is the Brazilian architecture firm behind this gorgeous “Casa Redux” dream home in Sao Paolo.  As Wallpaper explains:The project brief was simple: to design a vacation house with the least lines and elements possible. Facing west onto the soft hilly landscape at its feet and respecting the topography’s natural contours, the house sits at the area’s highest point.”  You can see all the photos below, as well as a video narrative of the home entitled “That Was Not My Dream”.  For more of my favorite residential designs you can visit Dream Homes on FEELguide


CasaRedux1 CasaRedux2 CasaRedux3 CasaRedux4 CasaRedux5 CasaRedux6 CasaRedux7 CasaRedux8 CasaRedux9 CasaRedux10 CasaRedux11 CasaRedux12 CasaRedux13 CasaRedux14 CasaRedux15 CasaRedux16 CasaRedux17 CasaRedux18 CasaRedux19 CasaRedux20 CasaRedux21Photos by FG + SG (source: FUTIL)

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