Watch Jason Silva Explain How Cinema Functions As An Evolving Cartography Of The Human Mind

by • June 5, 2014 • Movies, PhilosophyComments (0)3173

As Jason Silva quotes from Jean Luc Godard in his latest instalment of Shots Of Awe: “Cinema is truth 24 frames per second.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Silva also touches on the important idea that part of cinema’s higher function is its ongoing project of mapping the human mind.  With each new film that comes our way, we are taken deeper into the frontiers of human consciousness and our collective dreams, ambitions, hopes, and fears.  “[Cinema] is a dream-sharing technology that allows us to visit the space of truth, of archetype, of myth, of legend,” says Silva.  In much the same way as ancient myths explored similar terrain in the past, cinema is one of our most powerful navigational tools in the present for understanding the human experience.

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