Watch This CBS Report On The Mass Extinction Of The American Shopping Mall

by • March 23, 2014 • Business, HistoryComments (0)2895

It wasn’t that long ago when a sign in a store window reading “Everything Must Go” meant the store was closing down.  In 2014 that same sign now likely means the entire shopping centre is going out of business.  In a brand new report for CBS Sunday Morning, correspondent Mark Strassmann looks at the demise of America’s love affair with shopping malls — a love affair which began in 1956, when the nation’s first fully-enclosed mall, Southdale, opened its doors outside Minneapolis.  That love affair, as Strassmann reports, is most definitely coming to an abrupt end as hundreds of U.S. malls are closing their doors in the near future. (Photo courtesy of Kyle Tate on Flickr).

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