This past summer I had one of the most powerful reminders of the interconnectedness of the human body and mind.  I was halfway through one of the best yoga classes I have ever taken, when suddenly I became overwhelmed by a sense of emotional release, and began crying uncontrollably.  It came out of nowhere, and although no one could see or hear me crying, I let go of any conscious attempt to stop what was happening, and I relented fully and completely into the experience.  The emotional release lasted about 10 minutes, and a half hour later the hour-long class was over.  For the rest of that day and the day after, I felt as happy and as light as a feather as I ever have.  It was one of the greatest 48 hours of my entire life.

Whatever it was that happened to me that day, I know for 100% that it was connected to my chakra system, and what was obviously a major realignment and cleansing.  Earlier today I came across a great piece written by Portland Hemlich for the Kripalu blog, and was reminded once again how important it is to make sure to always check in with my chakras as often as possible to make sure they’re doing well.  You can read Portland’s terrific post by visiting

To learn more about the amazingness that is Kripalu, be sure to read: “The Great Work of Your Life: Stephen Cope’s Extraordinary Guide For The Journey To Your True Calling“, and follow Kripalu on Facebook and Twitter.


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