The search for a soulmate can feel, at times, as overwhelming as the search for intelligent life in the Universe.  Even the most enlightened, beautiful, and brilliant people in the world can have difficulty yielding results.  When asked in a recent CBS This Morning interview about why she’s never been married, Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice answered: “because I never found anyone I wanted to live with.”

HBO’s Sex And The City revolutionized our perceptions of singledom and the search for Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, and demonstrated in a brilliant way how living in a city as full of potential soulmates as New York City, can still be challenging to find a perfect match.  In a charming new video, Joe Hanson and PBS Digital Studios crunch the numbers and build a very clever equation in order to determine the odds of finding that perfect soulmate.

Using the Fermi paradox, the Drake equation, and the wisdom of Carl Sagan, watch below as we are guided through a sophisticated and entertaining calculus of how someone living in New York, very much like Carrie Bradshaw, has approximately 831 soulmates at his or her whim.

The equation is all the more intriguing when you consider the fact that new research has proven that “couples who met online also reported a higher rate of marital satisfaction than those who met without a computer intermediary.”  Yes, you read that perfectly.  To learn more about why online dating is much more fertile ground for the success of longterm relationships, as opposed to more conventional serendipitous dating, you can get the full story by CLICKING HERE.

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