The WOW Files: The 7 Deadliest Foods In Your Supermarket

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With each new documentary, exposé, and shocking report that comes out, the horrific reality of the food industry is gradually being revealed to an increasingly educated public.  Recently a group of scientists, farmers, and doctors were asked the question: “What foods do you avoid?”  Their answers come from a profound body of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and once again prove that your local supermarket is one of the most dangerous places on Earth.  The following is the elite group of experts’ list of the top 7 deadliest foods on your store shelf:

#1) CANNED TOMATOES:  Tomatoes are extremely acidic and easily erode the resin-based coating that lines the inside of the tin cans of canned tomatoes.  That resin contains the deadly chemical Bisphenol-A (BCA) which has been linked to heart disease, infertility, and much more.  Choose glass jars instead.

#2) UNNATURAL BEEF:  Most farmers feed their cows grain, corn, and soy — the last things in the world that a cow would ever choose to eat in nature if it actually had a choice.  Cows always prefer grass as their #1 diet staple, and grass-fed beef is exceptionally higher in vitamins and minerals.  Non-organic beef is also loaded with highly dangerous hormones which can trigger unspeakable disease and chronic illness in humans.  Always choose organic or grass-fed beef.

#3) MICROWAVE POPCORN:  The inside of bags of microwave popcorn are covered with PFOA, an acid that breaks down from the heat of the microwave, thereby contaminating the popcorn.  The toxic acid is one of the leading causes of infertility.  Cook your popcorn on your stovetop at all times.

#4) TYPICAL POTATOES:  Potatoes are one of the most dangerous foods in your market.  These iconic vegetables are sprayed with an obscene amount of herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide during their growth, and what’s more, the farmers who farm potatoes will never eat them themselves — they always grown their own in a distant side plot of land where they are far removed from the deadly chemicals.  Choose organic potatoes instead.

#5) FARMED SALMON:  The levels of carcinogenic DDTs and PCBs found in farmed salmon (including Atlantic salmon) makes these mass-produced fish quite literally the most poisonous food in the world.  Fed with soy, chicken feathers, and worse, these fish are crammed into unspeakably tortuous cages as well.  Experts who have analyzed these fish warn to only eat two servings per year — and no more.  If you do eat more than two servings per year you are significantly increasing your risk of cancer.

#6) MILK:  Due to the extreme use of antibiotics and growth hormones used in conventional milk products, your innocent glass of milk each day is a major cause of breast/prostate/colon cancer.   Experts have warned that if the general public knew exactly what was in their milk they would never even think of touching it again.

#7) REGULAR APPLES:  Apples are the most toxic fruits in your supermarket.  No other fruit is sprayed with more pesticides than the standard apple, and scientists are still discovering how this toxic fruit triggers devastating diseases — one of which being Parkinson’s.  Buy organic apples instead.

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