Sometimes I find myself thinking about women who give birth while in water, and how soothing that experience must be for the baby.  Instead of being suddenly ejected into the freezing cold Universe, you would instead be gently phased into it.  Although a newborn baby’s screams immediately after its birth are important to clean out its lungs, who’s to say that the “cold scream” technique holds more value/benefits than the “gentle water phasing” technique?  Yes, these two birthing terms are my own invention, thank you very much.  So needless to say my mind was blown wide open earlier this morning as I awoke out of a deep sleep (another kind of cruel birth so to speak) and discovered this video of two newborn twins submerged under warm water, completely oblivious to the fact that they’ve already been born.  That water is so comfy it’s tricked them into thinking they’re still safe and warm in their momma’s womb.  Pure amazingness.  And maybe it’s just the way my brain likes to makes peculiar connections, but not long after watching it I soon found myself comparing it to Volvo’s brand new Jean Claude van Damme commercial — a very different kind of “gentle phasing” (in more ways than one).  You can find out how this now very famous commercial was created by getting the full behind-the-scenes scoop at The Wall Street Journal

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