Everything Is Awesome In The Brand New Trailer For “The LEGO® Movie”

by • November 2, 2013 • Hollywoodland, MoviesComments (0)2949

I had heard about the upcoming new animated film The LEGO® Movie, but never really cared much about it — until this morning.  I just finished watching the film’s brand new trailer, and if it’s any indication of the film’s quality I wouldn’t be surprised if it blew the roof off the box office when it’s released on February 7, 2014.  The film tells the story of Emmett (voiced by Chris Pratt), an average LEGO® man who is suddenly told he is “The Special”, the one and only master builder who is capable of saving the Universe from the evil Lord Business (voiced by Will Ferrell).  The effects are absolutely stunning, in the sense that they have perfectly blended the environments and lighting with the real-life textures and plasticity of the LEGO® blocks.  It might sound like an easy task, but this film has obviously been made with a huge amount of tender loving care and incredibly hard work.  The impressive cast includes the voice work of Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius, Elizabeth Banks as Lucy, Will Arnett as Batman, as well as Cobie Smulders, Channing Tatum, Liam Neeson, Jonah Hill, Alison Brie and Charlie Day.  You can enter the world of The LEGO® Movie, which includes other videos and much more, by visiting TheLEGOmovie.com.

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