On October 19th the University of Notre Dame and the University of Southern California faced off on the football field.  Nothing unusual to the story so far, right?  In a testament to the power of the right photo taken at precisely the right time, Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel was photographed emerging out of a dog pile that night without his helmet as he clutched the football.  The photo almost instantly went viral, and countless women and gays (yours truly included) needed to splash themselves with cold water to cool down.  McDaniel is now a bona fide God of Football, and this morning the TODAY show sat him down for an interview and introduced him in video-form to the entire world.  The only tragic detail that emerged from the conversation is the fact that he is engaged to his high school sweetheart Stephani Sterrett.  I give that relationship a year max, because according to my own conversation with the Universe moments ago, Cam is destined to be one of my Future Husbands.  Cam, there’s simply no denying the Universe, so just let me know when Steph’s out of the picture so I can pack my bags and head on down to our love nest at Notre Dame where we can spend the rest of our lives making our own special kind of “dog piles” together — just you and me and your tight end.




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