The Top 25 Muscle Strategies & Secrets Of The Super Fit

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The #1 most important secret to getting the body you’ve always wanted is — (drumroll) — motivation.  If you don’t have the motivation then you might as well throw in the towel.  Otherwise, you’re just going to end up torturing yourself with destructive thoughts such as: “I’m such as lazy ass,” or “I’ll never lose this gut,” or “I’m a total health failure.”  It takes a lot of energy out of you when thoughts as dark as these creep in, so use some good ol’ cognitive therapy and shut down those thoughts before they begin — otherwise they will turn into behavior (i.e. overeating) which will turn into extra pounds.  Once you start catching those thoughts by the tail, it will start to become effortless over time to shut them down, and that’s when you will notice your motivation begin to increase.  Once you’ve nailed the motivation part, you’re going to need a strategy in order to get that Adonis body you’ve always wanted.  Thankfully the editors of Men’s Health have tapped the country’s top fitness minds and combed through cutting-edge research to find the 25 most effective ways to reveal the stronger, leaner man inside you.  In short, they’re about to fast-track your fitness.  To get the full breakdown of their top 25 most important strategies of the super fit be sure to visit  And may the force (and motivation) be with you, my friend.  To learn more about how to break your self-destructive habits such as overeating, smoking, etc., you should also visit and check out the trailer for Charles’ brilliant 2012 book The Power Of Habit below.



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