Remarkable Colorized Photos From The American Civil War

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Photography was not invented until the 1880s, making the American Civil War the very first war in history to ever be captured on film.  Many photographers of that time were embedded with troops in order to capture both the horrors as well as the mundanity of life on the battlefield.  Now, thanks to the Colorized History Subreddit, Redditors have been using photo manipulation to inject new life into these black and white historic moments lost in time.  Mads Dahl Madsen and Jordan J. Lloyd (founder of Dynachrome, a digital image restoration agency), are two of the most prolific colorizers, and the duo have taken many of the Library of Congress’s photos from the Civil War and converted them to color.  The results are spectacular and you can browse some of the results below.  To see more you can follow Colorized History on Facebook, visit, and browse the Colorized History Subreddit.


ColorCivil2 ColorCivil3 ColorCivil4 ColorCivil5 ColorCivil6 ColorCivil7ColorCivil1

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