Watch Margaret Atwood Brilliantly Connect Myth, The Big Bang, & Religion

by • September 25, 2013 • Featured Video, History, Inspiration, Philosophy, Space, Spirituality, UnexplainedComments (0)3982

For thousands of years man has pursued both mythology and religion with full force.  For the same amount of time we have also been in search of an answer explaining why it is we do so.  Humans are the most self-aware species on Earth, and by extension, we are also pattern-seeking creatures.  Furthermore, when we cannot find a pattern to explain something we do not or cannot understand, we tend to make one up.  We are in constant search of order to explain the chaos and unknowns that surround us and our civilization at large.  Recently I discovered a fascinating conversation between PBS host Bill Moyers and renowned author Margaret Atwood in which they discuss this very topic.  Atwood’s insights into these enormous questions are some of the most brilliant I have ever encountered, and I will forever return to this interview for as long as I live as I, too, continue my own search for answers to these very same questions.

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