Meet The Man Who Notifies Nobel Prize Winners Of Their Big News

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Just imagine for a moment how cool it would be to have a job that carries with it a component of being a bearer of amazing news.  You could be that person who gets to tell a writer that their book is going to be published.  You could be that person who gets to tell a fashion designer that their collection is going to be put into production by a huge merchandiser.  Or you could be that person who gets to make the phone call that notifies those rare and select individuals that they have just been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize.  Tom Wipple of Intelligent Life magazine recently caught up with Staffan Normark, the very man who places those phone calls each and every fall from Stockholm.

 “For three mornings a year, Professor Normark, permanent secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, is the finest cold-caller in the world.  Come the second week of October, if Normark is on the line, it will quite probably be the most significant conversation of your life.  If it’s a Tuesday, he will be informing you that you have won the Nobel prize in chemistry.  If it’s a Wednesday, physics.  Economics comes the Monday after.  He doesn’t present physiology or medicine.  And peace and literature, with their uncertainties and politics, are left to other committees.  Or, better still, to the Norwegians.”  You can read the full story by visiting  To see the full list of October 2013 dates for each Nobel Prize category’s announcement be sure to visit

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