It seems unlikely that one of the world’s most celebrated authors would become a Twitter superstar.  In the case of legendary Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, however, there’s nothing unlikely about this combination at all.  In a brand new interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, as part of the promotion for her brand new novel MADDADDAM (the final installment of her trilogy), Atwood elaborates on how and why she has embraced Twitter so wholeheartedly.  Her explanation is the most insightful I have ever heard on the subject, and comes with somewhat of a history lesson on mankind’s use of short-form communication over the past several thousand years.  You can watch the clip in full below,

and I have also included another must-see portion of the interview in a second video as well.  To purchase your own copy of Margaret Atwood’s MADDADDAM simply head over to Amazon.  And for all things Margaret Atwood be sure to visit, and follow her on Twitter.  While browsing Atwood’s Twitter feed I happened to come across a tweet of hers linking to a fascinating Globe and Mail article written by Clive Thompson entitled “The Dumbest Generation?  No, Twitter Is Making Kids Smarter”.  It’s a great read and you can see it in full by visiting


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