Everything You Need To Know About How Yoga Can Improve Your Looks And Your Sex Life As Well

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There is a mountain of scientific data proving the wide spectrum of health benefits that come with practicing yoga, but did you know it can also significantly improve your looks and your sex life?  We live in a world filled with conflicting dualities when it comes to personal health and beauty — for instance: we buy natural shampoos, but don’t realize our stress levels are eating away at any chance of having healthy skin; or we buy top notch organic food, yet that petrochemical moisturizer we put on our faces is defeating all the ‘glowing skin’ gains of eating that healthy diet in the first place.  Thankfully, this long list of overriding conflicts can be fixed with yoga, courtesy of its rigorous full-body exercise regimen, its enormous benefits to the mind, and the wide range of rewards that come with it — such as glowing skin, slower aging, and a much greater sex life.

One of the major benefits of yoga is how it provides the ultimate compliment to every single sport imaginable.  Yoga practice has helped athletes around the world improve their game because of yoga’s ability to reduce anxiety and bad moods.  From hockey to soccer to basketball, superstar athletes and gym bunnies are making enormous improvements to their game by becoming yogis.  LeBron James, tennis superstar Andy Murray, and many others are reaping the yoga rewards.

Of all conflicting dualities, none is worse than making a few healthy choices, yet suffering from a lack of sleep.  You can eat all the quinoa and raw vegetables you like, but if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re dead in the water — and doing serious damage to your body and your skin.  Yoga is one of the greatest silver bullets for those suffering with sleep problems.  A study at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center discovered that a mere 20 minutes of yoga per week dramatically helped cancer patients fall asleep faster, deeper, and longer.  Among the most important benefits of a good sleep is the fact that you’re not only giving your tired muscles a much-needed rest, you’re also promoting your body’s cell turnover rate — a process which happens mostly during your sleep.

Yoga has a long list of obvious benefits such as improved strength, greater flexibility, and a huge overall increase in your comfort level with your body — but it also leads to major rewards in the bedroom as well.  One study proved that 75% of women who practice yoga experienced significantly better orgasms, and a recent Harvard study uncovered many other sexual benefits as well.  In 2007 a study proved that men who suffered from premature ejaculation showed huge improvements with the practice of yoga, compared to the group who were treated with Prozac.

The breathing regimen incorporated into yoga practice also increases relaxation levels which can lead to dramatically better skin and sex.  And all that twisting, turning, bending and squeezing you get up to in yoga class?  It is massaging your organs, boosting your body’s oxygen levels, circulating blood to those parts of your body that are undernourished, and leading to a greater lymphatic flow.  All this together not only brings with it a better hormonal balance, it also detoxifies the entire body.  And the next time you pass the gym and laugh at how ridiculous all those people on the treadmill or the weight machines look — just remember they are biologically nine years younger than those people who don’t make it into the gym.

If you incorporate yoga into your life, you can take even more years off your biological age.  Headstands, handstands, shoulder stands, and forearm stands are the ultimate anti-agers of yoga.  Adding to this is the fact that yoga is full of cross-axis movements (for example, when your body’s right-side parts are moved over to the left, and vice versa).  These cross-axis movements not only integrate the left and right hemispheric functions of the brain, they also reduce stress, enhance concentration, comprehension, reading and memory, and balance the body’s energy meridian system.  All of which leads not only to glowing and younger skin, but a glowing and younger sex life as well.

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