In just under two weeks, fans of Georgia-based producer and multi-instrumentalist WASHED OUT (a.k.a. Ernest Greene) will be able to get their hands on their own copy of his highly anticipated new album Paracosm.  The album is his sophomore follow-up to his brilliant 2011 album Within and Without, and it was Greene’s touring of his sample-heavy debut album a few years ago which informed the new creative direction he chose to take on his new record.  Realizing that it’s no fun to do a live tour of an album that doesn’t have many live instruments, WASHED OUT went the extra mile during the recording of Paracosm by including more than 50 exotic musical instruments into the production.  You can learn much more about these instruments in the two red-link stories below.  And if that’s not enough, earlier this morning he opened free streaming of the album.  So sit back, relax, and press play on Paracosm below.  Paracosm is set for release on August 13th, and you can pre-order your own copy via iTunes.

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