The horror genre has had the life sucked out of it in recent years, with audiences growingly increasingly more aware of the standard Hollywood tricks and an all-too familiar understanding what’s around every single corner.  But there is a new film being released next month which is generating a huge amount of critical acclaim, and insiders are already labelling it not only as the most terrifying movie of 2013, but a modern horror classic as well.  Directed by James Wan, The Conjuring tells the true story from the 1970s of the Perron family and the intense decade-long haunting they experienced in their Harrisville, Rhode Island farmhouse.  The story is told with a combination of interviews with the actual family members who lived inside the home during the haunting, as well as reenactments with an impressive cast including Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.  The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“Based on a documented case from the files of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren — known for their investigative work for the Lutz family in Amityville, New York — the story opens as most haunted-house tales do: with a bright and chipper family moving into a huge old domicile, in this case a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island.  But before the main action begins, screenwriters Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes (‘The Reaping’, ‘Whiteout’) provide a glimpse of an especially creepy past case of the Warrens’ involving that scariest of horror totems, a doll.  Wan uses the cold opening to ratchet up the tension before the audience has a chance to get comfortable, and he weaves the doll into the central plot to excellent effect.  Until bringing together the paranormal investigators and the terrorized family, the film alternates between the Connecticut-based Warrens (the exceptionally well-cast Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) and the newly relocated Perrons: Carolyn and Roger (Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) and their five daughters.  The specifics remain undisclosed for much of the film, but it’s evident that the Warrens are recovering from an especially traumatic investigation.  At the same time, the Perrons discover that their spacious home has plenty of hidden chambers and boarded-up corridors, and find themselves contending with awful odors, disturbing sounds and shocking visitations in the thick of night.”

You can read the entire rave review of The Conjuring in full by visiting  The team at Screen Rant are already doubling down on The Conjuring as the scariest movie of 2013, and you can read their review in full as well by visiting  You can also follow The Conjuring on Facebook.  The Conjuring is set for release in North America on July 19th.

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Sources: Screen Rant, The Playlist and The Hollywood Reporter

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