The Top 10 Reasons Why BOARDS OF CANADA’s “Tomorrow’s Harvest” Is A Fascinating Masterpiece

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Ever since its release a few days ago, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the amazingness that is BOARDS OF CANADA‘s epic new album Tomorrow’s Harvest.  It’s been eight years since the Scottish electronic duo released their last album, The Campfire Headphasein 2005, so my expectations were running “high” to say the least.  Adding to the anticipation was the scale and the mysteriousness of the album’s marketing campaign.  Crafted with a scavenger hunt-like mystique, the campaign amounted to some of the best foreplay I’ve had in ages.  Yes, BOARDS OF CANADA, your tickling and teasing got me all hot and bothered.  In the end, not only is Tomorrow’s Harvest everything I could have hoped for — it’s much, much more as well.

In a brilliant feature article written by Robert Darnell for DUMMY, we get an even richer sense of the subtleties and mastery that are embedded throughout the album’s 17 tracks.  Darnell writes: “You’ve got to listen to ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ in headphones.  You’ve got to listen to it in good, loud, in-ear headphones, if only to follow those miasmic crumbled voices that dare to whisper out towards the close of ‘Sick Times’, or to detect that single second of sound that Mike Sandison mentioned sourcing from an old piece of recording equipment in their recent Guardian interview.”  Darnell adds: “The appropriately titled ‘New Seeds’ is dizzying in the unforeseen positivity emanating from its tender close, before ‘Come To Dust’ — like the growls of Leatherface’s chainsaw suddenly rip-roaring back into action, or the hand of Mrs. Voorhees reaching out of the lake at the end of ‘Friday the 13th’ — aggressively knocks back the whiffs of hope.”

Among the insights in Darnell’s review is that a very clever BOARDS OF CANADA fan deciphered the fact that the track “Palace Posy” is an anagram of “Apocalypse”.  You can read Robert Darnell’s terrific post in full by visiting DUMMY, and be sure to harvest your own crop of BOARDS OF CANADA’s bounty by picking up a copy of Tomorrow’s Harvest today on iTunes.

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