Album Trailer For Jon Hopkins’ “IMMUNITY” Captures Stunning Timelapse Of Colorful Crystal Formation

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Jon Hopkins‘ brand new album IMMUNITY requires no antidote from bad publicity whatsoever.  The LP is raking in some impressive reviews, and apart from the music, so is the art direction of the album as well.  Designed by art director Craig Ward and biochemist-turned-artist Linden Gledhill, the video and photographic artwork created for IMMUNITY was achieved by using timelapse photography of various types of crystal formations via a video-rigged microscope.

In their original form the crystals are colorless, so the creative team added some carefully placed drops of food coloring in the exact spots where the ingredients “fall out” of the solution, which is where the crystals begin to form.  The process looks deceptively simple, but the chemistry, color, and lighting techniques used here have taken Linden Gledhill years to develop and perfect.

As you watch following trailer for the album below, you can get a taste of what these guys achieved. The results are a captivating match to an album which The Quietus reviewed rececently as “brilliant”.  Joe Clay of The Quietus writes: “The BPMs drop slightly for the nine-minute epic ‘Collider’, the album’s centrepiece and the best thing Hopkins has ever put his name to, as muscular beats, pounding bass and snatches of a breathy, verging on the pornographic, female vocal combine in a melodic re-imagining of the mogadon techno of Andy Stott … Hopkins is one of the gifted few who can imbue his machines with tangible warmth and genuine emotion, whether they are tempting you onto the dancefloor or offering you a moment of sedentary reflection.  Up to this point, Hopkins is best known for the work he does with others, as an arranger for Coldplay, an in-demand producer and a talented collaborator, but ‘IMMUNITY’ is the record that defines him.  You’ll be blessed if you hear a better album of electronic music this year.”

You can purchase your own copy of Jon Hopkins’ IMMUNITY on iTunes.  And for more from Jon Hopkins be sure to visit, follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and check out his page on his home label at Domino Records.  To watch a behind the scenes featurette on how Ward and Gledhill made the video CLICK HERE.

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