GOLD PANDA (a.k.a. Derwin Powers) is back in a big way with his upcoming album Half of Where You Live, the musician’s newest offering since his debut record Lucky Shiner was released in 2010.  Recently he released the music video for the track “My Father in Hong Kong 1961” which he dedicates to his dad who was doing military service in the city 52 years ago.  In an interview with NOWNESS, he reveals: “[It] must have been such a crazy time.  I think he had to give police support on days when there were pro-communist marches.”  The video was directed by Powers’ longtime friend and collaborator Ronni Shendar, an Israeli-based visual artist.  Both are creative immigrants to Berlin, with Powers himself hailing from London originally.  Powers produced the new album almost entirely from the comfort of his Berlin bedroom, and was inspired in part from his expansive worldwide tour for his previous album.  “After my last album I toured extensively for three years, so I had a headful of this amazing planet we live on,” Powers tells NOWNESS.  “Despite its faults the world is actually great, and I wanted to celebrate not only nature but man-made things — like big glass shopping malls in Asia.”  For all things GOLD PANDA be sure to visit, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  For links to all of GOLD PANDA’s albums you can visit his home page at his label GHOSTLY International.   Half of Where You Live is set for release on June 11th.

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