BISON Directs Stunning Video For LONDON GRAMMAR’s “Wasting My Young Years” Using 625 Pinhole Cameras

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LONDON GRAMMAR is the British band behind this exceptional new video directed by the team at BISON.  Entitled “Wasting My Young Years”, the video was shot on 35mm film, using a custom-designed rig consisting of 625 individual pinhole cameras that are exposed at exactly the same time.  The final result achieves an atmosphere of haunting suspension that adds an extra depth of mystery and complexity to the stunning vocal work of lead singer Hannah Reid.  In a recent profile in The Guardian, Paul Lester writes: “[LONDON GRAMMAR] is THE XX you can take home to meet your parents and won’t embarrass you by mumbling or enforcing painful silences over dinner because of something someone said a week before.”  Nice and cheeky, Paul.  You can watch the impressive “Wasting My Young Years” below, as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette where the creative team explains how the video came to be: “On the surface it seems as if the song is talking about being afraid of wasting your youth, but actually it’s presenting the idea that that’s what being young is all about.  So with that we came up with this idea of people being trapped in space, perhaps frozen by their own fear.”  For all things LONDON GRAMMAR be sure to visit, and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Soundcloud.  To watch more music videos and commercials directed by BISON you can visit

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