Godfrey Reggio is the director of the renowned 1983 powerhouse experimental documentary KOYAANISQATSI, and this September some lucky audience members will finally be getting an exclusive look at Reggio’s first film in eleven years.  Entitled Visitors, the film is set to screen at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and will be presented by Steven Soderbergh on September 8th.  “It’s connected to the other QATSI films in the sense it’s Godfrey’s wordless take on a certain subject, but he’s changed his game here,” Soderbergh revealed in a recent interview.  “There’s more directing in it, more things he’s specifically staging for the camera than he’s done before, and there are performers in the film.  He’s taken what he does and pushed it into a new area, which was really exciting for me to watch.  It’s thirty years ago this year when ‘KOYAANISQATSI’ came out.  I watched it again, and there just isn’t a single, visual idea in that movie that hasn’t been ripped off, assimilated, regurgitated, built upon.  Actually I watched all three films again, and it made me laugh how other directors just took his language and just ran with it.  Here, he’s moved the goal post as if to challenge others and say, ‘Alright, let’s see what you can do with this.’  It’s so striking, but not necessarily immediately applicable to what everybody else does.  They’ll have to work to steal this one.”  Visitors screens at TIFF on September 8th, and as with Reggio’s QATSI films, Visitors will once again be scored by the amazingness that is Philip Glass.  Worth noting is the original working title of Visitors was The Holy See before it was changed.

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