Mieke Geenen’s Astonishing Photoshop Creations Will Transport Your Mind To Another Place And Time

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Mieke Geenen is a digital artist and retouching expert based out of Belgium, and thanks to a recent feature profile of her work on Think Outside The Box I am Mieke’s newest and biggest fan.  Geenen’s collection of professional and personal work is beyond impressive, but with regards to her personal work in particular Greene writes: “These are the quietest places in the world.  It is after the fire and the dust. Our records of the past have gone missing, the stars have become our street lights. Most species have vanished. Echoes, ruins and some wandering survivors appear once in a while.  I have taken a moment to consider eternity — I am a space tourist.”  You can get a taste of Geenen’s brilliance below, and to see the entire scope of her work you can visit her on Behance as well as her main site PixelXPress.be.  While salivating over her work and the stunning atmospheres she creates, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a similar atmosphere which imbues the video for CFCF’s “Exercise #3 (Building)” which you can watch below as well.

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Geenen1Geenen2Geenen3Geenen4Geenen5Geenen6 Geenen7Source: Think Outside The Box

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