One of my favorite debates between me and my cinephile friends is the topic of music usage in film.  When and what is too much music?  When and what is too little music?  With regards to the role of music in movies, I heard it best described as this: “While watching a film, music should act as a hot air balloon that is capable of lifting you up and maintaining the atmosphere during those moments when the plot hits its lowest points.”  Music in film is not only a stabilizer in my opinion, it can also be an elevator — giving the audience access to a certain range of emotions that may never have been possible without a powerful music boost.  One of the best examples of this of course is the soundtrack to DRIVE.  Rarely has music been used so incredibly well in a film.  And one of the stars of that film’s soundtrack is about to release a brand new full length album.  COLLEGE (a.k.a David Grellier, the French producer behind the ‘DRIVE’ song “Real Hero”) is pumping out his new record Secret Diary on May 6th via Invada Records, and as part of the  promotion COLLEGE put together this terrific new playlist for BEAT Magazine.  For all things COLLEGE be sure to follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and  You can pre-order COLLEGE’s Secret Diary by visiting Invada Records.

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Source: BEAT Magazine

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