Shitty Video, Incredible Song: Watch VONDELPARK’s “Always Forever” (And Forget The CGI Breasts)

by • April 30, 2013 • MusicComments (0)2767

It’s hard to imagine how a band as talented as London’s VONDELPARK can screw up so badly.  Their new song “Always Forever” is one of the most stunning songs I’ve heard in ages, yet for some reason Lewis, Alex and Matt thought it would be a good idea to mix together footage of a couple on their wedding day getting photographed on a beach at sunset with clips of some cheap CGI boobs-n-ass chick.  I’m all for shaking things up, but this is as bad as it gets, folks — always and forever.  But everyone makes mistakes, so you should still check out their site at and pick up your own copy of their brand new album Seabed via iTunes.

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