New Music From FLYING LOTUS Shines In Independent Film Produced By Jay-Z Premiering Today

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Terence Nance is the director of the brand new film An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty (Variance Films) which is premiering today and tomorrow in New York.  Produced by Jay-Z, Wyatt Cenac, Joy Bryant and Dream Hampton, the film tracks an artist who gets stood up by his girl, causing him to dive head first into a state of deep reflection and contemplation of all things love, life, and lust.  Adding to the film’s atmosphere will be some new music from none other than FLYING LOTUS, whom Nance reached out to while making the film.  Nance writes, “I was trying to meet FLYING LOTUS, my favourite musician right now.  Myself, my brother Nelson…and one of my DP’s Matthew Bray were successful.  It was great connecting with — let me re-iterate — my favorite musician since Stevie Wonder.”  FLYING LOTUS is a busy man these days, with his fingers in a number of projects.  Exclaim notes the producer is putting together a wide range of works “including a jazz record, a Captain Murphy album and an ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ theme song.”  To learn more about the film be sure to check out an interview with Terence Nance in Filmmaker Magazine, as well as visit the film’s website at  And if you haven’t yet seen the stunning trailer for FLYING LOTUS’s most recent album Until The Quiet Comes you can watch it below as well.

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TrevorNanceSources: FACT and Exclaim

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