Critics are raving The Lords Of Salem as Rob Zombie’s greatest film of his career to-date.  Written, produced and directed by Rob Zombie, and starring his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, the film is set in the city of Salem, Massachusetts, which is being visited by a coven of ancient witches.  In his glowing review of the film, Simon Abrams of The Playlist writes: “Zombie follows his lead protagonist from a marked distance, and makes a point of showing that the fate his characters suffer is a product of their inability to recognize their place within a whirlpool of generic history.  It’s a heady thesis, and one Zombie establishes in a number of ways, from his controlled Carpenter/Polanski-esque tracking shots to the evocation of both Kubrick and Lynch, particularly ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ in the scenes where Moon Zombie’s character is under the spell of the witches.  The relatively staid nature of ‘Lords’ makes the context — within which his frenzied and typically free-associative pastiche works — a bit hard to swallow.  But ‘Lords’ is also probably his most ambitious film, and maybe even his most accomplished, as it’s his most unnerving.”  You can read the review in full by visiting The Playlist.


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