The WOW Files: Matt Damon & Jodie Foster Kick Ass In The Year 2154 In Stunning New “ELYSIUM” Trailer

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“It’s better up there” is the tagline of the fictional Armadyne Corporation in the brand new sci-fi film ELYSIUM from director Neill Blomkamp (District 9).  The tagine first appeared in the film’s very first teaser trailer, but in the brand new feature trailer we get an even more impressive glimpse of what this film has in store.  In 2013 the wealthy 1% live in a world of luxury and excess here on Earth, but in the year 2154 the rich and priveleged are able to inhabit a dream world called ELYSIUM, built by the Armadyne Corporation, while the rest of the 99% are forced to remain on a less than ideal Earth which is ravaged by crime and poverty.  Matt Damon and Jodie Foster shine in their leading roles, as do the brilliant concept and set designs of production designer Philip Ivey.  ELYSIUM opens on August 9, 2013.  To learn more about the Armadyne Corporation be sure to visit

ElysiumSource: Mashable

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