Stressed At Work? New Study Shows Everybody Is, And Explains How It’s Getting Worse Each Year

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According to a new study conducted by Harris Interactive for Everest College, a whopping 83% of people questioned said they are stressed about their work — up from 73% last year.  The #1 reason is that people feel they are being inadequately compensated for their hard work.  Small paycheques were the not only the #1 reason most of us feel stressed by our work — 14% of the population to be exact — it’s a significant rise from the 11% response that was tracked last year.  Forbes writes: “This year unreasonable workload also ranked as a top stressor, with 14% saying they had too much to do, up from 9% last year.  Annoying coworkers and commuting tied for the next-most-stressful parts of the job, at 11%.  The next-worst stressor was working in a job that was not the person’s chosen career (8%), poor work-life balance (7%), lack of opportunity for advancement (6%) and fear of being fired (4%) … The study also looked at what stressed workers of different education levels.  For those with a high school diploma or less, low pay ranked as the top stressor (18%), followed by annoying coworkers (14%).  College grads ranked unreasonable workload as the No. 1 stressor (17%), followed by their commute (12%).”  One bright spot emerged from those polled with an annual income of more than $100,000.  You can read the entire study by visiting

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