Charlie Rose Talks To My Hot Future Husband Jeffrey Hammerbacher On The Power & Science Of Big Data

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Jeffrey Hammerbacher, a leading expert in the field of Big Data, is the Chief Scientist at Cloudera.  Hammerbacher also played the leading role of Chief Scientist in my newest sexual fantasy which took place last night in my dreams.  I discovered Jeffrey yesterday afternoon when I watched his recent interview online with Charlie Rose, where Hammerbacher offers his compelling insights into the origins of Big Data and data science techniques, their re-implementation into open source, and their positive application across science as well as business.  Furthermore, Hammerbacher’s personal story is as fascinating as his revolutionary field of research.  Born and raised in Michigan, Hammerbacher’s family moved to Indiana when he was just a boy, where he became not only a prodigy in math and computer coding, he also became one of America’s most promising young baseball players.

It was his passion and talent for baseball which serendipitously led to his connection and eventual acceptance into Harvard University, where alongside his classmate Mark Zuckerberg, Hammerbacher’s intuitive brilliance for coding led to his success in the field of Big Data.  After spending some time working at Bear Stearns on Wall Street, Hammerbacher joined Zuckergerg at Facebook, but quickly grew disillusioned and bored with the company’s focus on the use of Big Data to increase marketing revenue streams.  Hammerbacher set his sights on the more altruistic goal of using this emerging powerful tool for a higher purpose, such as saving lives by turning the power of Big Data towards medical research, the improvement of diagnostic tools such as sensor technology and the human genetic code, and unlocking the mysteries of mental illness and the human brain. It’s a brilliant interview, although I have to admit there were moments when I found myself completely hypnotized by Jeffrey’s face and that sexy patch of chest hair coming out of his unbuttoned shirt.  Jeffrey, you can hammer my bacher any day, and I hereby do induct you into my Future Husband Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Ryan Gosling, John Maus, Adam Levine, and more.

To learn more about the work of Jeffrey Hammerbacher you can visit him at Cloudera.comread his profile at Forbes (which recently ranked Jeffrey as the world’s #2 most important Big Data scientist), and follow Jeffrey on Twitter.  To learn more about the exciting future of software and medicine integration you absolutely must visit  Rock Health is the first seed accelerator for digital health startups, and has built a wide range of impressive and strategic partnerships spanning a broad spectrum of leading-edge collaborators in medicine, software development, telecommunications, venture capital and policy — channeling an unprecedented level of health care and development resources to seed-stage entrepreneurs.  For more great stories of the human brain be sure to visit The Human Brain on FEELguide.



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