Watch Charlie Rose’s Fascinating Conversation “Public Policy Implications of the New Science of Mind”

by • March 13, 2013 • Charlie Rose, Health, Neuroscience, Politics, Psychology, ScienceComments (0)3205

During his recent State of the Union address, President Barack Obama made the remarkable pronouncement that his administration is putting their full support behind the greatest global scientific collaboration since the mapping of the human genome — the mapping of the human brain.  The implications and benefit of a fully-mapped human brain are immense, but the years of dedicated hard work to make this dream a reality — not to mention the vast amounts of money required to pull it off —  are astounding.  In the latest addition to the Charlie Rose Brain Series (series 2, Episode 13), Charlie gathers some of the greatest minds in the field of brain science for an hour-long conversation on the topic “Public Policy Implications of the New Science of Mind”.  Charlie is joined by his co-host Eric Kandel of Columbia University, along with Walter Mischel of Columbia University, Michael Shadlen of Columbia University; Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University, and Alan Alda (host of the upcoming PBS program, Brains on Trial).  A fascinating discussion to say the least.  For more great stories from the world of the human brain be sure to visit The Human Brain on FEELguide.  SEE ALSO: International Team Of Researchers Re-Creating The Human Brain With $1.6 Billion Supercomputer Project.

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