20 Fascinating And Little-Known Facts About The Making Of Tim Burton’s Classic “Edward Scissorhands”

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It’s a tough nut to swallow, but it’s true — Tim Burton‘s romantic fantasy Edward Scissorhands is approaching its 25th anniversary.  Released in 1990, the film is a bona fide classic, and had an enormous influence on the imaginations of viewers and filmmakers alike.  As with any great masterpiece of cinema, the stories of what went into their making are often as fascinating as the films themselves, and Edward Scissorhands is no exception.  Recently I shared with you Pajiba‘s terrific compilation of the 20 most remarkable facts about the making of Jonathan Demme’s The Silence Of The Lambs, and earlier today Pajiba put together an equally intriguing list of the 20 most fascinating facts about the making of Edward Scissorhands.

Among my favorites are: #3) “Florida, east of Tampa, was chosen to represent Burbank. The film was shot in a real neighborhood, they rented out about 50 houses, painted them and added in the foliage and plant life. The actual residents temporarily moved to a nearby Super 8 (type) motel.”  #5) “The mansion was built on a Fox set. Burton was happy they got to build it themselves, the way they wanted so ‘it could feel really real and like they were actually there.” He called it “Martha Stewart’s house when she’s old and crazy.'”  Along with #16) “The scene in which several women neighbors feed Edward giant spoons of their concoctions is one of two that made Johnny Depp get sick. He had to do about twenty takes of that scene, after which he vomited. The second time was after Depp had to run from the police (at full speed). After the sixth run, Johnny never came back; he was in the bushes, throwing up.”

You can read the full list of 20 by visiting Pajiba.com.  And to read the full list of the 20 most amazing facts about the making of The Silence Of The Lambs you can check out: 20 Amazing Facts About “The Silence Of The Lambs”: From Buffalo Bill’s Pit At GE, To Kubrick’s HAL, To Dali’s Skull.

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