I’ve been working from home so much over the past year, that when I started work on this new contract just after New Year’s (which is in an office near downtown Montreal) it took some getting used to as far as the daily/weekly 9-to-5 grind is concerned.  The beauty (and sometimes the bad side) of working from home is the fact that often it’s hard to distinguish between a Monday or Friday, a Wednesday or a Sunday.  I am learning, however, to enjoy the rhythm of an away-from-home weekly schedule, and one thing I’ve learned is how much everyone loves Thursdays.  It’s the same sort of feeling as when you’re heading to a pre-party — sometimes the feelings of anticipation you get before a celebration are more fun than the party itself.  So in honor of the beauty and optimistic spirit of Thursdays here’s the brilliant new house track “Heat Division” from Liverpool-based producer DAUWD.  As Ad Hoc writes, “It only gets bolder from the drop, leaving the listener wondering just what’s going to happen next.”  For all things DAUWD you can follow him on FacebookMySpaceTwitter, and Soundcloud.  “Heat Division” is the title track off DAUWD’s upcoming album of the same name which is set for release on March 11th via Ghostly International.

Source: Ad Hoc

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