This Top-To-Bottom Redesign Of A Century-Old Movie Theatre In Eastern Germany Is Blowing My Mind

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Although I was formally educated and trained as an architect, I’ve spent the last twelve years working as a designer in the entertainment industry.  When I graduated university, my instincts with regards to my career and my future were more in-line with the thrill and pleasure of designing the fictitious worlds that fill the silver screens of Hollywood storytelling than they were with spending years on-end working on the architectural drawings for a shitty hospital or condo development.  But every now and then I encounter a project that reignites my passion for practicing architecture and the exciting possibilities that a career in architecture can bring.  Take, for instance, this jaw-dropping restoration of the historic Weltspiegel movie theatre in Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany.  Designed by Studio Alexander Fehre, I was instantly taken aback by the power, grace, and beauty of the architectural interventions in this space.  This is interior design at its very best, folks.  You can see more great pics by visiting

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