Laser-Pierced Car Crashes: Li Hui’s Sculptures Are A Brilliant Study Of The State Of Modern Industry

by • February 18, 2013 • Art, Society, TechnologyComments (0)3960

Li Hui (born 1977) is a brilliant artist based in Beijing whose work has sparked a fascinating analysis of the state of modern industry.  As a conceptual artist he works in diverse mediums including transparent neon-lit acrylic sculptures and laser beams and visualizes the uniqueness and new boundaries of the new age of Chinese New Media art in his sculptures.  With the help of state-of-the-art technology, Li Hui articulates philosophical considerations and an almost poetic aura surrounds the result.  Hui was recently profiled by The Creators Project, particularly for his work with cars, aircraft carriers, and other large-scale industrial objects which he deconstructs to create new emotionally-stirring interpretations that speak to the the state of man’s relationship with machines in the modern world.  For more from the world of Li Hui CLICK HERE.

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