John Mayer Talks To “CBS Sunday Morning” About Healing From Throat Surgery & His Public Missteps

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Say what you will about John Mayer’s public persona, there’s no denying the man is a fiercely gifted musician.  My number one nemesis is the trigger-happy cynic, which means I am the first to defend John’s music in a world filled with people determined to hate on him.  Yes, the guy has made his fair share of mistakes and ill-advised comments in the press, but he’s also brought more light and love into the lives of his fans than anyone could ever possibly begin to fathom.  Earlier this morning CBS Sunday Morning sat down with John to discuss his missteps in the public eye, as well as his three-year healing process from a throat surgery which removed a growth on his vocal chords — which reappeared soon after and required a second surgery.  John recently returned to the microphone during a small benefit concert in Montana, and although he doesn’t yet have full access to the higher registers of his voice due to botox paralysis treatments on his vocal chords designed to speed his healing process (his full recovery will take several more months), it’s still a treat to hear him beginning to return to form.  You can watch John’s feature profile below, along with another CBS Sunday Morning feature from this morning’s show which beautifully captures the singing birds of Galveston, Texas.  Soon enough, John, you will be back to your old self again, singing as high and cheerfully as the great songbird you’ve always been.  For all things John Mayer be sure to visit

Source: CBS Sunday Morning

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