Watch This Brilliant Video Explaining How 3D Printing Is About To Revolutionize The Entire World

by • January 19, 2013 • Design, Industrial And Product Design, TechnologyComments (0)3167

If you want to know what the future looks like you need look no further than the video below.  The Creators Project and VICE put together this terrific report on how 3D printing technology is on the verge of pulling the design world and the objects that surround us in our everyday lives into the realm of infinite possibilities.  Peter Weijmarshausen is the CEO of Shapeways™ and in the report he explains to the viewer the history and future of 3D printing technology.  We also get a chance to meet some other experts in the field who each explain how their respective industries — from medicine to fashion to industrial design — are about to be transformed in the most remarkable ways imaginable.  Included in the video is some mind-bending footage of 3D printers at work.  Watching these amazing objects being pulled out of the laser dust is nothing short of astonishing.

Source: The Creators Project

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