“Thinking Clearly About Almost Nothing”: Amazing Animation Explains Science Of Your Brain On Alcohol

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Last week I wrote about Daniel Amen’s incredible PBS special Change Your Brain, Change Your Life where he explains the dangerous effects that certain substances can have on the human brain.  Years of functional brain-imaging research has shown that even a small amount of alcohol, for instance, can have devastating consequences on your brain chemistry.  Daniel warns his audience very clearly that whoever came up with the health advice “two glasses a day” must have been drunk themselves, because even two glasses a day can do serious harm (you can watch Daniel Amen’s special by CLICKING HERE).  Apart from the longterm effects that alcohol can have on your brain, there are also short term effects as well — including stupidity.  The amazing team at AsapSCIENCE put together this genius little animation which explains exactly what is going on when we catch ourselves rambling on about pure crap, or as AsapSCIENCE puts it: “Thinking clearly about almost nothing.”  You can see more videos from AsapSCIENCE on their YouTube channel.

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Source: Brain Pickings

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